Poke the box – Initiate change and do it all the way NOW [A book review]

If you’re looking for scientific statistical analysis for the recipe of success, the book is definitely not for you. This book is a manifesto that aims to rally people to start innovating that not only stops at ideation but goes all the way, takes risk to execute it and find out if it works or not.

This book is to encourage us to abandon our fear of ‘this might not work’ but to really find out if it works. This book is also for managers or organizations that adhere to ‘failure free’ policy and opens their eyes that the world has evolved and sticking to ‘same old same old’ and ‘safe’ stuff will make you left behind.

I like the book mostly because of personal reason. It is relevant and it speaks to me.

In my industry that champions creativity, walking out of the meeting without any debate with client is often seen as the standard of success. Maybe we should change that. We know that we really poke the box (innovate) when we debate with the client because the idea is so new that the client feels anxious about it. We try our best. We take risk. We start and make it happen. If it fails, then we are responsible for our failure.

As Seth Godin wrote in this book,“Fail, fail, fail, succeed, fail, fail, succeed”. The idea is after failure, “Then start again. Then ship again.”

The final question to ponder upon…

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