Problems Hurricane – Re-assess, Re-evaluate

In life, they say, there are up and downs. Sometimes we’re on top, we get all the fortune and vast amount of opportunities. We are in the party and we rock the party!

However, at any time, the party might end. The wheel rotates and we might stop for a while at the lowest point. Problems keep coming and it seems that they will never go. At this moment, we might experience fatigue or we even burn out. As we grow up as an adult, problems are part of our lives because adulthood comes with responsibility. However, problems, no matter how bad they may seem, they help us redirecting our messy and full-of-distraction life, because at that time, we pause.

In other words,

“When problems come to you endlessly and they blur your sight, it’s time to re-evaluate, which one is your real problem.”

I think that’s how the universe teaches and communicates with us and that’s how we ought to learn.

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