First and Ever Verse

Drifting in the ocean
The siren calling out my name
Whispering God’s secret
The tale of heaven and hell
When they collided and here we are
Born in the earth, the Eden of our banishment

But I didn’t look
I didn’t breathe nor see
I am the restless wave
Crawling, running away from the void inside
I am the shattered glass
In the tip of the writer’s ink
Worshipping melancholy, the romance of every tear

Lurking in my mind, you and your story
On the steep reefs
Enticing our fate
Dancing with our boat
Winking at our future
Leaping from the sparkle in our eyes

Will I ever hear your voice
Will I ever touch your lips
Feel the warmth of your hug
Holding me dear
Murmuring our innocence
Gleaming in the sea of civilization

The time is running still
The wind is waiting
Where our heart shall be headed
Where our soul shall lie forever still

inspired by Pablo Neruda’s poetry in Il Postino

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