Dilemma of Learning Psychology

In the early year of my psychology classes, one of the smartest lecturers had warned us about the hidden “trap” of learning psychology. At that time, we were all laughing about it, but as time passed by, we soon realized that it was not a joke.

It has dawned on me for years as a sort of revelation:

The dilemma of learning psychology:
either you’ll feel at peace or you’ll constantly be doubtful about anything, including yourselves.



  1. belajar psikologi itu kutukan. kalo beauty is a curse, psychology also a curse. a very-very bad curse.

    guilty pleasurenya, jadi bisa nyela2 based on theory.. nyela terusss.. hehehe

  2. I am a in college for my bachelor’s in psychology and I don’t find that learning psychology is a bad thing if you have the determination and mind control for it. I feel that if learning psychology is a bad thing then helping other people is a bad thing because that is what psychology is all about.
    Ms. ClassLyady77

      1. This is true cantingcandrakirana. Mind Control is a very important part of studying psychology and not just when it comes to studying it either. Once you have recieved your degree and you branch off into counseling or psycho-therapy you have to beable to control you own mind and thoughts and not allow your work and the life of your patents consume you into their world. You also have to pull apart your private home life from your at work life and not take your work home with you and I don’t mean discussing your patents with your spouse for I know that there are some pyschologist or psychatrist that do this they just dont’ give out information that is personal like names and things of that matter they may say they dont but they do. You can’t go home and analyze your own family and all of a sudden start to “find” things wrong because you are noticing certain things that you didn’t before now that you are studying the human way of life through their mind.
        Being a pyschologist or studying psychology is not a particular degree that is to be taken lightly for you have to be stern, determined, and dedicated if you want to suceed in it.

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