Ode to Women

Smart and strong woman is beautiful
because she owns her way in this world

Gentle and loving woman is beautiful
With her tender heart, she grows the world

Her calm and passionate beauty saves the world
Her smiles are the oasis in the desert
As her tears drop, the earth blossoms in the rain of pink petals
Glory to her enchanting beauty!

She’s a dim of light in the lost restless soul
The saints recite their faith in every of her step
and God stays in every of her touch

In her prayer, every hope is made flesh
as she bears life in her heart
and compassion shines in her soul

She’s the jewel of the world
Guardian of heaven’s and hell’s gate
As from love, she was made
and for love, she shall die

Jakarta, 24th January 2010

image, “Lotus Flower” by Yun Shou-ping


  1. Jeng, your writing has developed so much since the boendelkata days 🙂 dan bahkan sejak saat itu gue udah sukaaa banget sama tulisan-tulisan lo 🙂 buat gue, tulisan lo ini merangkum ‘keperempuanan’ banget…

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