True or False: Discovery Behind 3 Myths

Which one is worse?

1. Cry = sad
Not necessarily. Yesterday I cried, but I was not sad. That was me bearing the pain under needle and comedo extractor.

2. Beauty = pain
Not 100% true. They said, beauty is pain. Under the hand of facial expert, it is. However after I was done with them, I looked very far from beautiful, but horrible. Strangely, I feel relieved, triumphant over banishing the comedo away.

3. Toothache is worse than heartache
Hm… True. Yesterday, a taxi driver told me that toothache, no matter how severe the pain was, can be completely erased by applying kerosene. Yes, that kerosene, no joke. He dipped a cotton to kerosene and placed it on his bad teeth. While he told me, he had the kerosene cotton in his mouth.

I say… heartache takes time and will to heal, no instant remedy, but you can learn something from it. At least it doesn’t affect your health directly, whereas, in the taxi driver case, toothache may jeopardize your health and your life.

[… to be continued]

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