A Letter from Jakarta: Dear Franz Ferdinand…

Dear Franz Ferdinand,

Thank you for coming to Jakarta, wiping our tears while our medias are busy exposing corruption that makes us gasping for just a breath. We’re singing “Fallen are the virtuous among us, walk among us, never judge us”.

Playing music, dancing, moving, you burn the fire in us, “this fire is out of control, we gotta burn the city.” Yup, burn the city!

Joy, dance, music, what’s better than all of those? You bewitched us and we long for your music, your gig. When you played “The Dark of The Matinee”, I was brought back to my school years. Though I couldn’t change the past, I was glad that I had already been out from that psychedelic factory and entered another exciting moments when I found you in “The Dark of The Matinee”. You brought me to “Lucid Dream”. I’ll definitely dial Ithaca for you.

When you suddenly disappear from us, it’s as if you asked us “Do you want to”, and yes we want you more! This “can’t stop feeling’ was out of control, the fire burned us already. Nothing can’t stop us! At that time, I really prayed to God, hoping that you didn’t “walk away” on us. Apparently, you did not.

When you, Alex, came down to us, shaking our hands. We yelled triumphantly. You love us, we love you even more.

Let’s get high together. You’re my “Ulysses”. Do come back to Jakarta again very soon. Rock our body, heart, and soul ever after.

From your biggest fan in Jakarta,


From the deepest of my heart, I love you guys!


    1. KEREN bangeeeeetttt.
      mereka dinamis dan lincah banget. playlist nya banyak. ada belasan lagu lebih kali. gig mereka kurleb 1 1/2 jam. puaaas deh. pas Alex turun ke penonton, gue mau pingsan rasanya dan langsung nyesel setengah mati kenapa gue terlalu sopan untuk nyelak ke depan (posisi gue ada di tengah rada ke depan).

      gue seneng mereka juga maenin lagu2 dari album lama mereka. salah satu lagu kaporit gue dimaenin juga “The Dark of Matinee”.

      Gue jejingkrakan, teriak2, ikut2an nyanyi sampe suara gue mau abis dan kaki gempor banget. Tapi puaaassss. Crowd nya juga asik, ikut2an nyanyi, jejingkrakan. Energy on banget deh. Mereka juga gak turun2 energinya tuh, kuat banget perform almost non stop selama 1 1/2 jam itu.

      Skor: 9.5 out of 10.

    1. kagak sih, akhirnya ada 1 temen gue ngikut soalnya dia mau nonton gig nya Chicane. tapi gue udah siap2 pergi sendiri, udah beli tiket sendiri, FF pula. di sana juga banyak ketemu anak2 agency yang nonton, so I wouldn’t be alone after all, because FF rocks!!!!

      *sambil ngusap2 kaki yang masih gempor pegel*

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