I: The Magician

There are too many coincidences in my life. One of the example happened this day. Yesterday I was sitting alone in my room and wandering as usual. Remembering my lost love and trying to embrace the beauty of pain and loss, I suddenly realized that my whole relationship with him was perfectly captured by “Before Sunrise”. We met in one journey and we spent much time on discussing about life, tragedy, love, etc. Although we clicked, at the end, we maybe like Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy). Eventually Jesse went back to America and Celine to France. Maybe we would flawlessly love each other eternally if we knew when to part. Who knows, if Jesse and Celine went further in their relationship, they might find themselves throwing glasses at each other despite the great love they had. This day I had a chance to get myself the copy of its DVD along with the sequel, Before Sunset, and didn’t miss it.

Enough lightening to struck my conscience, I realized that this coincide happened in a way that was politically incorrect. Too much time spent on this ‘probability meets chance’ event. However this coincidence led to another coincidence. Through this, I got a chance to chat with a dear friend of mine who faithfully accompanied me during my years in university. Tears, laugh, and blood. It turned out to be that he needed my help to solve the not-so-misfortune-loss frenzy happened to another friend of us.

Now I begin to believe the notion of synchronicity, the ‘central stage’ of magician archetype. There maybe nothing called as ‘coincidence’ because ‘coincidence’ has its own agenda. Three people want or need each other and nature will organize the way to meet their expectation at each other, consciously or unconsciously. It sounded irrational but something that cannot be explained scientifically doesn’t mean that it is incorrect. Maybe at this period of time, science hasn’t reached the level to convey and explain this matter in its language yet. Like I say, when something seemed impossible (in our language of mind today) occurs too often, I start trying to convince myself that the impossible is possible.

June 16, 2009

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