What I Think on Heaven and Hell

Quality of life is very difficult to define. So, I’m going to make a post on what is “heaven” for you, and what is “hell” for you. Not in a theological sense, of course we can also speculate on the theological sense, but in your daily life. I’m looking forward for your answers.
Thank you,


– when I meet, engage, and share experiences, feelings, thoughts not only with friends but also stranger with openness and no suspicion: people who fell and rose again, people who are not afraid to follow their heart; strong connections and synchronizations with all aspects in the world.
– when I follow my heart and conquer all doubt in me though people try very hard to pull me to their own path

When I experience and do all of those I mention above, I feel a “sync” in my heart and poured with a lot of love. That is heaven.

– when I’m hurt by people I love
– when I’m trapped in hypocrisy, and dragged to follow the path of material world
– when people try to brainwash me that having a dream is letting yourself be disappointed with reality; I’m sad because they don’t understand but I also weep for them, because I believe that having a dream means being alive.

It’s surely felt like drowning to the bottom of hell.

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