Healing Emotional Wound

When I am hurt, I fully concentrate in the present moment. I don’t see problems, I see situations that I have to solve. If I have this obsessive thought, my Zahir, I start looking around and see : This is a tree, this is a car, this is something, and that….little by little, this obsessive thought disappear. So, instead of having a problem, I have a situation, to solve.

Having said that, I’m sure that you can be very helpful if you decide to share with us how do you heal your emotional wounds.
Thank you!


Well, this is me sharing 🙂

In life, we cannot always get what we want. Frictions come around and sometimes it leaves us wound. We get hurt, we feel pain. People (at least my friends and me) tend to try cover it up by running away to indulging things. We drink, we got high, we were bitching about other people, etc just to make our lives seem better and less “miserable”. We turn our head to another direction and pretend that our wound doesn’t exist. However as time passed by, the wound was getting bigger, we ran away again, then we lost ourselves. Our lives seem like a vanity, no purpose, just blank, nothing.

We always question why happiness last only few seconds and pain is endless. I think that’s because when we feel happy, we don’t hesitate to acknowledge that emotion. We let happiness perform “on stage” then after the performance is finished, they go home. On the other way, when we are hurt, we don’t want to acknowledge it. The pain’s performance is delayed so they wait there. They get more anxious and hurt us more. In other word, the pain is more severe than before.

What I usually do is to take some time to be with myself. I feel the pain, I cry, but I don’t regret. I just let everything flow. I express my feelings either in poetry, any kind of writings, or drawing. After that, I feel more relieved and moreover I can read my writings again and try to see the big picture, reflect, and contemplate on it. Then I can see things more clearly and see what I can do to solve the problems or to prevent or make sure that these problems won’t occur again in the future.

I don’t talk about my pain to my friends because sometimes, they mean well but they don’t really know me, so they may try to drag me to what they think the best of me but in fact, it may not be the right way for me. I am the one who know myself better and the answer often lies beneath me, waiting to be grasped.

I believe in God’s way to lead me to The Path. I believe that God is watching over me. When I need to talk, I talk to God. I pray but I also have this “peculiar” method. I send text messages to God. I don’t know if God has any cell phone but I think God gets my message, with or without that device.

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