Broken Ballad

One day, there’s a smelly dusty fish walking on the street. It was afraid that people would step over it so it sneaked to a blue house. A crying girl picked it up and gave it home. Innocently, it thought that it would be loved and treated like a princess. “Maybe it’s the end of my misery”.

But it’s wrong because there’s a boy who loved to mock and beat it up. He said that it invited him to mock it around by just appearing in the corner of his sight.

One day, it couldn’t stand the mockery any longer and it experienced an emotional breakdown: becoming a self-obsessed narcissist. Luckily the boy moved out the house, he went abroad. It felt free and proclaimed itself as the most powerful and the most beautiful one in the entire world.

It always thought that one day it would be a star or a model. It asked people in the house to sign it up to a production house or a modeling agency but they just laughed.

Blurred and angry, it dragged an unused box and put the box outside the house, wrote “available for casting” at the front of the box, and jumped to the box, getting posed. It’s been several hours and people were ignoring it.

It tried so hard to be patient and calmed itself by saying that those people were busy and were so moronic not to notice such beauty.

At last, a man in an orange jumpsuit came to it, picked it up, and just threw it into his cart “Waste management department”.

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