We are Not Afraid, We Refuse to Forget!

Explode. Bomb. Suspicious. Dirty politics. Death. Cry. Loss. Terrorism.

We are not afraid. “Maju Tak Gentar”. Condemn. Anger. Rage. Blame.

I restrained myself from writing about the bombing of two prestigious hotels in Mega Kuningan. I was shocked and I didn’t know how to react, it’s easy to be blurred, losing proper judgment in this kind of situation, so I waited to get my sense back. I was in the car, listening to a discussion in the radio about toxic co-worker, and suddenly there’s an eyewitness report through the SMS and this was announced in the middle of the show. Wordless. It happened again on the same spot, I couldn’t believe it.

Toxic bombers. Toxic terrorism. Toxic politics. Toxic ideas. Toxic beliefs.

Whatever the motives were, it’s clearly an act of terrorism. Why could it happen again? We suspect and blame the security guard that’s loosen up on the checking and screening process. We already know that we are prone to amnesia, we forgive too often, and we forget too often. We remember again after we are slapped again. However as we forget, we are bound to experience this notorious terrorism over and over again. I’m really worried that we are getting used to get bombed.

Ok, we can talk about how poverty and lack of education make the terrorism easily infiltrate the people in our country. We can talk about how our intelligent snipers are not fast enough, how our law is not strict enough. Now I want to discuss about the possible factor that may contribute on the loosing-up security check.

Now we may be angry to the terrorist, and we may be okay and feel that it is a must for a security guard to really check on every visitor. However, what do you think or feel about this thorough checking process before this bombing took place? I have to admit that before, whenever a security guard asked me to open my bag, I was not comfortable and gave the expression, “I don’t think you need to do this, this is a bullshit”. I noticed that I was not the only one giving this nasty attitude, nearly all the visitors on every mall or hotel did too. In turn, the security guards might feel that it was wrong checking on every visitor, so they still did the checking just because the job description told them to do so. They did it half-heartedly so they weren’t really checking. They used their ‘hunch’ to ‘select’ which visitor that most likely looks ‘dangerous’ or ‘criminal-minded’. This selection might be based on how they look (read: prejudice).

Why did most of us ‘reject’ this security checking process? Why did we feel that it’s only an unnecessary procedure? That is because WE FORGET. We tend to only want to think and remember something that is naive. Thinking about the possibility of terrorism, bombing only make ourselves blue. This is wrong. This will make the terrorist succeed. How many loss must we tolerate? NO. We have to remember, we have to be cautious, and quoting from an aspiring e-mail (from someone very aspiring who’s now in Paris): we have to stay angry. To kill terrorism, we don’t solely blame on the system, we have to start with ourselves because we are Indonesia. Let’s fight together for our country, Indonesia unite!

Written by :C. Simanjuntak

Maju tak gentar
Membela yang benar
Maju tak gentar
Hak kita diserang

Maju serentak
Mengusir penyerang
Maju serentak
Tentu kita menang

Bergerak bergerak, Serentak serentak
Menerkam menerjang terjang
Tak gentar tak gentar, Menyerang menyerang
Majulah majulah menang

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