The Real Charm of Vampire

Vampires’ charm doesn’t rely on good-looking physical appearance or prince-charming tale. They are romantic but not in lovey-dovey kinda way. Their charm is in their sadness of lonely eternal life, inability to connect because for them, time doesn’t exist. If vampires did exist, you could see their life best portrayed in “Interview with the Vampire”. Sorry guys, when you talk about so-called non-washed-hair prince, he’s no vampire. He’s only, I’m sorry, pretending to be vampire (read: pale prince) to attract chicks (no offense, personal opinion from the bottom of my heart). Embracing the beauty in the sadness and hunger of Claudia, Lestat, or Louis, now we’re talking about ‘real’ vampires.

Claudia (played by Kirsten Dunst), in Interview with The Vampire

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