Boston (Not So) Legal

Boston Legal, a bunch of outrageous lawyers on the screen, coupled with witty jokes. The episodes are usually closed with Alan Shore (cast: James Spader) and Denny Crane (cast: William Shatner) talking while drinking scotch in the balcony. Very smart conversation, I must say. “Simple pleasure”, just a friend, scotch in the balcony.

One of my favorite character is Alan Shore. He’s the most eccentric lawyer I’ve ever seen. He looks calm, cool, collected (3C) then he can say something outrageous or be emotional with the 3C appearance as well. He never gets trapped into emotion though the land may sink and this makes him easy to snap into solution even it is outrageous and seems to break the law or convention. He’s very straightforward and sometimes it may come as rude. I think he defines abnormality dressed as normal guy.

Humanly (so non devilish) speaking, Can I have him as my personal assistance or as whatever in my house? He can do all the talking for me, a great partner at discussing or disputing things, or save my ass. Functional, efficient, and effective around the house, a genius way to secure yourself without sacrificing the adrenaline rush. Genius!

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