What do you want to do in your life?

In these past weeks, I’ve been wondering what I want to do in life. I always let myself go along with the ride. Making plans is just something I feel I have to do but I never really force myself to stick with those plans. Life offers a lot of opportunities to ride on, and we are just a tiny speck in this big ocean of life. Sometimes we have to ride the tide. Well, it is not easy to define this by myself. As I have said earlier, chances frequently come knocking on my door and I decide if I want to open the door or not. Now, it is time for me to knock the door. Life offer opportunities and options. Hm, how do I narrow my options. I start with drawing a picture of my journey all of these times. What subject I like to discuss about? What are things that I’m mostly drawn into? What kind of things that jolt me excitedly?

Well, first, I like anything related to human narrative. You can see it from my movie selection.

These are the lists of movies I love:
The Blueberry Nights, Chungking Express, In The Mood for Love
Before Sunrise, Before Sunset
Raise The Red Lantern
Revolutionary Road
Edward Scissorhand, The Big Fish
Pay It Forward
Artifical Intelligence
Goodbye Lenin
Burn After Reading
A Slight Case of Murder
Pertaruhan (At Stake)

Well, that matches my major: Psychology. Wait, why I don’t feel like working as psychologist? Being a counselor doesn’t excite me that much. At first yes because people tell me stories, but that’s not enough as I find it tiring. I think I need a space for freedom to be creative. I like any form of art: theater, dance, paint, poetry, etc. As you may see, I write dozens of poems in this blog to express my feelings and my thoughts based on my encounter with human narratives. Through them, I draw a conclusion and think about ideas: insight. From this, I know that I love to work with ideas based on human narratives, something insightful and can help people, either through tangible assistance or lighting inspirations. I need to find medium that enable me to do all of these things freely so I can dedicate myself as a whole and an original being. I find this freedom through writing. Pouring the ideas into another narrative that can be read and hopefully let people to rethink what they consider as “normal”.

To do that, I need inspiration. Ideas don’t pop up when I am stuck in a room only, I need to interact with many people from various backgrounds to hear their stories, their sides. Stories may lead me to travel across the borders of human bodies. Through stories, I can connect with people and become “one”. That’s what appeals about travelers. This explain how much I love reading the story about people leaving everything to travel across the world (The Alchemist, Around The World in 80 Days, etc.). I’ve been thinking and God knows, may this lead the path to find the purpose in my life.

This is me! Wanderer that keeps on wondering about life. How about you? What do you want to do in your life?

image, courtesy of http://www.experienceplus.com

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