Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 06-16-09: I – The Magician

image, courtesy of There are too many coincidences in my life. One of the example happened this day. Yesterday I was sitting alone in my room and wandering as usual. Remembering my lost love and trying to embrace the beauty of pain and loss, I suddenly realized that my whole relationship with him was […]

Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 06-14-09: fate – Tribute to Delight

Maybe fate existsToday I found the right place though I thought I was being indecisiveRight place – right number — invited by a dear friend* to his band’s live performance in a cafe near my house Waiting for another friend, he’s late (as usual)No worries, I had a book with me hereHe came, chatted for […]

Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 06-12-09: kangen main congklak

Tiba-tiba aku kangen main congklak. Dulu waktu kecil, aku punya papan congklak dari kayu, biji congklaknya dari kerang yang sekarang aku perhatikan suka ditempel di atas sandal bali. Bunyinya tok tok tok, hitung satu sampai tujuh, seperti musik yang mengiringi masa kecilku. Tidak pakai buru-buru, mainnya pakai ketawa-ketawa, dan mungkin pakai ngegosip (waktu kecil, aku […]

Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 06-07-2009: temporarily shut down

The “PC” of mine shut down itself at 4 PM abruptly, and suddenly turned on at 8:15 PM, followed by the pop up message, “shit, tomorrow morning I have to go to the office”*. Nowadays, there’s a new invention: role-changing mass program (namely society): career woman (I’m heading there). It’s a sign of going to […]