“Legal Alien”

I walk down on that street, daydreaming. I miss the Alien Guy. The Alien Guy is my Ace who feels alienated, is fascinated by alien, science fiction, and a true loyalist of Isaac Asimov. We used to discuss things related to ‘alien, as in E.T. We believe that the photosynthesis-organism is the most advanced one that it doesn’t need to move to live, very efficient and independent indeed. Remember the scene in LOTR when Saruman was crushed by bunch of walking and raging trees? There’s a ‘truth’ in there, we believe. Also, we disputed about the possibility of lives outside the planet earth, how they might control us, etc.

In the times like these, I miss the Alien Guy the most, Black t-shirt and Mom’s Day. In the times when I want to be a “legal alien” again.

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