Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 06-14-09: fate – Tribute to Delight

Maybe fate exists
Today I found the right place though I thought I was being indecisive
Right place – right number — invited by a dear friend* to his band’s live performance in a cafe near my house

Waiting for another friend, he’s late (as usual)
No worries, I had a book with me here
He came, chatted for 15 minutes
Grabbed a cab
Traffic jam
Pissed, worried that I might miss the band

Finally arrived, the band’s performance was delayed until 10ish
Luck, or this is fate a.k.a the planned coincidence?

Tribute to Delight: “psychedelic” band on the process of recording under an indie label, most of their music was based on the searching of the meaning of life, love love their music, my kind of music (as the member of “tukang ngais-ngais aspal” gank, I am inspired)

How The Mind Works by Steven Pinker: the book accompanying me while sipping jardin bleu in vin+, the last chapter I read: The Meaning of Life, last page: 530, discussing about music

That just adds to my list of fate today:
right book – right “Tribute To Delight”


Note: This dear friend of mine helped me to be where I am now, thanks Dit! 🙂

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  1. on behalve of tribute to delight i thank you very much for the very uplifting statement…we're truly honored, and we'd be happy if you'd keep an eye of our journey…glad to share our hopes, fears and dreams with someone on the same page…

    stay tune for our upcoming debut album and see you at our gigs (hopefully with more great friends!)

    – ditya

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