shallowness with chocolate and peanuts

1. Quirkiness is a new cameo in this week, the black leather perks me up a little, and apparently I am not alone. Been batting my lashes in secret. :p

2. New experience: see how the research goes behind the mirror. I’m glad yet really excited that this is a real research and not naked Sarah Azhari.

3. Common cold leads to breakout and rashes. Hate hate hate that.

4. Found winter in Jakarta, hmmm… I need new sweaters, shopping time!

5. Secret is overrated, it’s better to forget it and not have a secret at all. You’ll never lie if you simply are not able to retrieve it from your memory.

6. Water has the greatest power of all, it can put a stop to everything: sin, life, happiness, and traffic.

7. As long as you live in a society full of human beings, gossip is always in business.

8. A not-so-new campaign method: create social conformity through any channels. We always want to buy what our neighbors have.

9. You always want what you can’t have and regret it later on when you finally get it. I want to have a fuller body, and when I end up with more fat stuck up in my belly, I weep. I use my “common cold” as an excuse to eat everything I want: currently addicted to Oreo Double Delight.

10. I am enjoying my shallowness with chocolate and peanuts.

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