stupidity is infectious

1. Lawsuit directed to a woman writing a complaint for medical treatment she got from a hospital in an e-mail
Oh please… Since when e-mail become a public affair? If you don’t want to get a bad review, please be professional in every way you act. Ripping that right off = Dehumanizing. You are writing “do not come to this hospital because we are stupid”, and so be it your fate.

2. A big fight between students from two no-longer-reputable universities, puberty is overrated.

3. Using a jingle from a famous-heritage brand for an election campaign. Even though you are on the top of this country and that brand most likely won’t press a charge, you smear shit to your own face.

4. Selling a daughter in such young age, being hysterical on the media because your daughter is abused, and being chased by Interpol. I don’t need to say more, do I?

5. If I am violating the law by writing this note on my personal facebook, it just adds more proof: stupidity is infectious.

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