school of life

Do you have a lot of friends? I’m sure most of you will answer yes. But do you have a best friend, a friend you can trust, share your deepest secret with? Luckily, I’ve got one. Meeting him again this evening made me very excited. Is it possible to have a true friendship between man and woman? Yup, I believe so because I have one. We always have this special connection like brother and sister. Nope, he’s not someone I call ‘kakak ketemu gede’. We never even talk about that possibility because we believe that everything must be formed naturally, and we are naturally brother and sister. I may hurt him in someway but we finally reunite again.

After packing my stuff and collecting dozen of magazines, I grabbed my cellphone trying to call him but it went straight to voicemail. Somehow under that uncertainty, I believed he was there, as he promised me so. I walked to the elevator, feeling excited and imagined what would happen, what we would tell each other. I crossed the road, took Transjakarta bus, followed with Mikrolet, and I arrived at that place. Yes, he’s there. He’s still the same person but he’s different.He still puts people first although that requires him to sacrifice. I hate to take a reference from a religion, but I must admit that I regard him as a living saint. When I gazed at him, I noticed there were more lines in his forehead and more gray hair. “You are not even 40, what happened?”.

“…at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”
(The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho)

He said that he’s challenged and tested all this time, even when he’s trying to help leveraging people’s lives. He’s thinking all the time to solve all those matters. When he told me what happened, even I had to admit that I couldn’t find any solution other than patience. Patience is what I call as eternal struggling against myself. They say, the worst enemy is ourselves and patience requires us to fight that battle we can’t escape. “At least we live, then there’s still hope,” I said. He nodded. Then we were in silence again, thinking.

“Maybe this is an exam you must take for you to reach the next level, somehow I believe that,” I said. “Yeah, I also believe it, ” he said. We agree that life is just like a school and God is the teacher. Have you ever heard of experiential learning? This Teacher loves this method. I don’t know if this Teacher has a sense a humor and we, as student, are playing along with it: fate. Human has to struggle so that he/she’s not going nuts and can lift up his/her head facing this life. Then maybe we can get good grade out of it: wisdom. Wisdom allows us to understand the interconnection, synchronization of our lives. Then we can inspire people to have a positive and optimistic view of live. Several good motivational speakers that we pay billions for them to do some seminars had been through these school tests before. Maybe they are already graduated or maybe they are just seniors, I refuse to make that judgment. By the way, cut to the chase, when we inspire people, we spread positive ambiance. Love, it is. Someone said to me that we are happier when we love than to be loved. We grow hope instead of pursuing happiness directly by solely competing each other. We give meaning to our existence. This is not an easy task, a noble one, I must say. To prepare some of us, this Teacher has to give trainings then this Teacher can have assistants to help growing this world.

What level are you now? If you don’t have to choose to be patient waiting for the next hints in order to pass this test, please don’t say that you’re miserable. You’re not in advanced level yet, neither high school nor university. Maybe you’re still in kindergarten or elementary school in this school of life. You still have long way to go, my friend.

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