Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 05-31-09: ‘miracles’ on the street

Today, I am being shaken again. I almost believe that this world’s injustice, corrupt, selfish, and cruel. I convinced myself that the city where I live was a horrible jungle: we had to look after ourselves and trusted nobody, save ourselves from the fall and the unnecessary pain.

However, I just witnessed the opposite of it. Two men gave up her seat for a woman carrying her child and an old lady in the bus. A woman swished her fan for another woman’s baby although they didn’t know each other before while queuing on this very sunny day. These were the unpredictable moments that left me wonder: is it too early to judge this world in such pessimistic way?

Maybe there’s still hope. At least, I want to believe in these ‘miracles’. Perhaps turning this world into a state close to utopia, is not an impossible task. Good virtue lays there deep inside, maybe we just need to raise it. Reverse the Apocalypse.

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