Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 05-30-09: “open the box”

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In Greek mythology, the Pandora’s box marked the end of The Golden Age of mankind. Pandora, out of curiosity, opened the box filled with evils by the gods. Since then hatred and jealousy and greed, and all the other cruel things have been laid in human’s heart. However, despite the “disaster” it brought, there was one thing deep inside that box, that should be the basic foundation, the spirit of life itself: HOPE.

Have you ever experienced that your faith is shaken by the books you read, the chat with your fellow, the movies you watch, or the scene you encounter? Then you begin to question your “happy-go-lucky” life or all the things you believe in? The more you think about it, the more you feel that you’ve fooled yourself.

I say that it is a blessing if you ever experience one. There is nothing certain in life, as well as what we perceive as the truth. Society may give us the guidelines about it but can you guarantee that it is the real truth? I’ve been shaken. I wake up every day questioning who I am, why I should do this and that. At first, I wished that I never knew any of this thing. Maybe my life would be smooth-sailing sea if I never experienced this “enlightenment”.

After going to my private land, isolating myself and reflecting on my life, I realized that this was the best thing that ever happened to me. Before this, deep inside, I felt that my life was vain. I did things but I didn’t know why. I still haven’t found the ‘true’ meaning of my life but I think that I am one step ahead than what I used to. Hope it is, to live life to the fullest.

I am always interested to the topics about the core of life, what the nature of mankind is, why some people value their faith more than their life, why people fall in love, why we feel that we ought to help others, political movement, etc. Humanity phenomenon fascinates me the most. There is so much mystery that we can’t fully comprehend. The closest we can get is trying to explain it through our point of view.

Exchanging our point of view with others can broaden our perspective and draw us closer to the key to unlock the mystery. Nowadays, we are provided with many channels to connect with other people. Books, TV, cellphone, internet, you name it. Consider them to be, not only the source of entertainment, but also the opportunity to ‘expand’ yourself.

“something’s there for a reason, even we cannot comprehend it at the first glance
useless is when we try to squeeze the universe in a little box called stupidity.”

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