A story of a girl who always jumped

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, around 7-ish. She always wore red gingham scarf on her feet. “To protect myself from the wood”, she said when I asked her. In the morning, she washed her feet and her scarf, then tied the wet scarf again around her two ankles. Yup, she only jumped, never walked. She jumped around her house, her yard, and sometimes onto the grass and flowers. She never ate, because the sun loved her and her body produced energy independently. At least, that’s what she told me.

She feared blood, she felt that blood is eating her brain. One day, she fell and she’s bleeding. She thought that the angel sprinkled the red liquid to her and it’s her time to leave the eternity. Since then, she always carried an umbrella attached to her back, to protect herself from the blood, she said to me with her terrified eyes.

Her mother lived in the painting and she was transferred out from the painting to clean the house. Sometimes she felt lonely but she believed that one day she would reunite with her mother. She just had to find a great man to capture her on a canvas. That’s all I remembered from our last conversation since I painted her face on my black canvas.

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