Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 05-31-09: ‘miracles’ on the street

Today, I am being shaken again. I almost believe that this world’s injustice, corrupt, selfish, and cruel. I convinced myself that the city where I live was a horrible jungle: we had to look after ourselves and trusted nobody, save ourselves from the fall and the unnecessary pain. However, I just witnessed the opposite of […]

Project Mini-Life Bulbs: 05-30-09: “open the box”

image, courtesy of In Greek mythology, the Pandora’s box marked the end of The Golden Age of mankind. Pandora, out of curiosity, opened the box filled with evils by the gods. Since then hatred and jealousy and greed, and all the other cruel things have been laid in human’s heart. However, despite the “disaster” […]


“The story didn’t match the line,” she said to herself. “Something must have been wrong in the way,” she struggled to explain to herself. She always sits in front of her computer the whole day, watching news online. She compiles all the news and she loves analyzing the pattern. She has noted 5 patterns in […]

"Barangkali hidup adalah doa yang panjang, dan sunyi adalah minuman keras"

Sejak SMA, saya tertarik dengan dunia sastra, termasuk puisi. Buat teman saya, puisi itu cuma buat orang pesimis, tapi buat saya, puisi itu indah dan menawarkan pengalaman yang membuat saya optimis. Ada kegilaan yang menawan di sana. Sebuah kebebasan ekspresi. Tanpa harus memaksa diri menjelaskan maksudnya secara gamblang, tanpa harus memaksa orang lain menginterpretasikannya dalam […]