Les Eclairs de L’amitié – The Eclairs (Sweetness) of Friendship

This was taken when we watched Eclairs performance in Cafe Au Lait this night. This was my first time listening to Eclairs but I’m in love. When they played “Paint it Black” (Rolling Stones) in jazz, I was and am sure that this won’t be my last time listening to their music.

After (and during) two breezy jazz hours, we couldn’t wait to snap our joy.

Our lovely star of the night: Yasintha (violinist/singer – Eclairs)

This was taken in self-timer mode. We wondered what happened but it seemed that we had “transcendental” episode for a while (perhaps).

Arga, the rasta boy, the only survival from the “rotten” carbonara and he had every reason to be proud of. Behind: Christian, the hunk of Psychology 2003 Atma Jaya gone “Kudus”

Yasintha, our cutesy Tante Susi, after performance.

There was never a best picture until it was taken spontaneously. You can feel the emotion of that moment straight away.

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