from my pain, he is our savior

Reading my mind, the boy was floating in the air. He cherished me with his song and his smile to the world. Hence when I closed my eyes, I was in the midst of the forest. My soul was running free into the woods, into the soil, and one by one, pieces of my soul were scattered around the petals of each big blue red flowers. Then he led me to his mother, Mundini he called. I laid myself into her and I felt that I could breathe lighter and easier that I ever imagined.

Dwelling in the sacred water, I could see my mother in a bed. Her face was read and she seemed to be in so much pain. “Push push”, they said. She held her breath and she closed her eyes. There was no screaming, no tears but such in pain. Holding my father’s hand, she chanted, “oooooooo” She closed her eyes again, took air to her lungs, then she began to push herself again. “Chamber of life has been opened,” my father said. Then I heard a blissful sound: a cry of a newborn. My father cut the cord then they laid the baby boy in my mother’s arm. My mother said, “he will be called Isaiah because from our love, he is here and from my pain, he is our savior.”

Ajna Chakra
Courtesy of

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