on hold

let me think but not to thinkdimmed the white lightthe lion is still sleepingweeping for the loss, the nightand the wind flies the timeborn to questionme, myself, cannot restI am the flower in the garden of timebeseech before me, I amstill waitinggrasping the airbend me over, my search of freedomit is a hope that never […]

Les Eclairs de L’amitié – The Eclairs (Sweetness) of Friendship

This was taken when we watched Eclairs performance in Cafe Au Lait this night. This was my first time listening to Eclairs but I’m in love. When they played “Paint it Black” (Rolling Stones) in jazz, I was and am sure that this won’t be my last time listening to their music. After (and during) […]

African heavenly music to the world: Seckou Keita SKQ

Seckou keita, an inspired exponent of the Kora that can makes the West African harp-lutesound like a small band Robin Denselow – Guardian The richly layered songs on Seckou Keita SKQ’s pasr Tama-Silo album range from the haunting African Soul of ‘Tounga’ to upbeat floor-fllers like ‘Sina Mory’ and ‘N’fa Quartet’… Read more on http://www.seckoukeita.com/