Chain of life

It started turning all blue. The scene. The sight of a young boy. The fire. The hand. The clots in the head were shaking.

She had it all, she thought, to make herself a perfect day, without kids, without man, without anything. She managed to survive. Yes, at least, that’s what she thought of herself. However no other people agreed to her. They pushed her to do what they considered to be normal, that is what they always do. They didn’t understand her happiness in her nothingness.

Then she started to not answer, they say. She only responded them with smile and always said, “You never understand what chain of life is, until you get there, the key it is.”

They did not understand and they tried to build any theory to fill in the gap in their mind of her. Nothing could answer the most of their curiosities. When they asked her what it did mean, she only replied with her smile.

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