Not-so Retail Therapy

Money comes and goes, they say. But that’s not the case with me. Money does come sometimes and goes frequently. I never really have a real saving. Then I do wonder.

I know I am quite stingy if I feel like it. I am able to resist any temptation. I can think of hundred of reasons to stop myself buying something. However my mind goes nuts and changes rational mode to irrational mode whenever I get stressed out. Anything in front of my very eyes, I grab it. For instance, yesterday, for no apparent reason, I bought a pair of knee-length net stockings. I just remember that I have few pennies LEFT in my bank account and voila! Most people can understand if I buy until-derriere net stockings for the sake of trends, but they do not understand the knee-length one. Me neither.

Yeah, money is power. The power is bestowed on me when I buy something. Yep, I do that to make me feel good about myself. Then regret comes and I try to find million reasons just to justify my impulse-buying disaster. I made it up. Luckily I remembered eluxury styling department work on Thakoon, but deep inside my heart, I know that I am guilty as charged.

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