Custom made beauty

I waste my time on internet just to click through net a porter, browns fashion, etc and save any designers’ pieces snapshot to my computer. Sadly, I haven’t found a seamstress who are capable of executing the design I want.

However, I have found my ‘soul mate’ for tailoring my pants though. The fit, the cut.. are just perfect on my odd derriere. Plus it’s quite cheap. They have quite selections of fabric for jeans.

Blambangan Vermak Levi’s @ Radio Dalam!
IDR 125,000 for the fabric + tailoring service.

AG Jeans – Deco Trousers in Harlow

I was so happy, not only they are in perfect fit, but I got a pair of wide leg jeans that were hard to find. They weren’t on trend spot at that time.

Let me also introduce you to my other fashion squad. As some of you may know, I have a overly small feet for an adult. Size 3. Just like baby. No wonder I couldn’t find my pair in the market. Luckily, I met a friend offering me custom-made shoe service. Not only I can find my perfect size, I also can make any out of the box “tidak pasaran” designs executed.

IDR 150,000 for a pair of shoes or sandals.

This is one of the designs I asked pesansepatu to do the magic on my feet.

Opening Ceremony – Cutout Oxford

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