My African tribal dream

Lately I’ve been very addicted to shopping, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. I think it has been my weakness since the day I was born. After tons of my fashion evolution (including several wardrobe malfunctions), I conclude that bohemian/ethnic style suits me the best. Why? Because I am an explorer. I believe that my fashion style should suit my personality. What I wear has to reflect who I am. Then you won’t be a fashion victim. YSL said, “Fashion fades away, style is forever”.

One of the hottest trend is global ethnic including tribal fabric. Tribal is everything related to or characteristic of a tribe, including art motifs, imagery, and anything found in nature. However, many people refer tribal as the ornament of African tribe. Tribal ornament is usually rough, geometric and bold. There are reasons why this print is appealing. First, it represents a way of life of a tribe that has to survive in the nature without any technology that we experience nowadays. Strong, bold, and powerful. Second, it could bring you closer to nature. The primitive tribes formed culture as a way of life and for survival reasons. They relied on what nature provides for them and learn to overcome natural disasters. Somehow this trend is like a reminder for us to be more environmentally conscious.

I spotted this Kevan Hall dress on Kimora Lee Simmons Life in A Fab Lane. She wore this to the Met’s Ball Costume Institute Gala. The moment I saw this dress, I fell in love. The fabric is a hand painted African tribe pattern. Stunning and very exotic. Powerful yet carefree.

There is no way I can afford this dress so I make an attempt to copy the ambience of this dress. A few days ago, I purchased a tribal printed dress from Kampoeng Bali, an ethnic online shopping on friendster. It is made from silky satin. I thought it was too expensive regarding on what it looked like in the picture. However, when I received the dress, I knew I was wrong. This dress is very beautiful. Too bad, it’s tad big on me. It’s okay. I deal with this kind of thing a lot because of my super petite size. I just have to go to my seamstress and throw this dress along with 10 other outfits which are too big on me as well.

Plus, I won an auction on ebay. Urban outfitter vintage wrap skirt had arrived to Canada from London. I asked my friend to bid it for me and sent it to her address (She lives in Canada). She will be back to Jakarta in September along with my skirt and my other purchases. I can’t wait to see her.


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