Your Legs, Your Holy Temple

What is it with legs that people can’t get enough of? Surely, physically, they enable us to move from one spot to another spot. We cannot do our works, hike, go to dates, and shopping freely without our legs. Legs are so important that some of us even bother to insure them. Starting in 1940, Betty Grable, a famous singer, actress, and dancer insured her legs for a million dollars. Angie Hamon (an actress) and Mary Hart (a host from Entertainment Tonight) follow her step in the same amount. Even in the recent past at the Clothes Show Live, the catwalk models refused to wear the trendy six inch heels without insuring their legs for 50,000 poundsterlings. Other names? Brooke Shield and Tina Turner. The Adams? David Beckham for US$70 millions, Michael Flatley (a step dancer) for US$40 millions, and Fred Astaire for US$75,000 per leg (

Our legs are considered as sexual part of the body, even as fetish objects. Sex is power. Therefore no wonder people are dying to exploit the sexual power of the legs. Manolo Blahnik, Christian Loubotin, Jimmy Choo, and others choose shoe-designing as their job and their ultimate goal is to design shoes enhancing our legs’ sexual power. Quoting from, “No shoe provides sexual heeling quite like stiletto, which dates to early fifties. It’s no wonder that when twenty-first century burlesque Dita von Tesse takes it all off, she stops short of doffing her Christian Louboutin.”

The Sex Pump

Other path to “leg-sexiness” were opened by Mary Quant, an English fashion designer in the late 50’s and 60’s. She shocked the fashion world with creating mini skirt in 1958 and it became popular in the 1960. In the late 1960s, Quant launched hot pants. I bet almost all of us agree that those two inventions are one of the biggest fashion developments. There is no better way to celebrate our beauty and sexy legs than to show them to the world. Those fashion items du jour allow us to be ‘the diva’.

However, have you ever heard that if something is too much, people will get sick of it? I’m sure it never occurs to these ladies that it can happen to them. They were spotted on the street and glamorous events wearing nothing but tights on their bottoms.

Photobucket Photobucket
Left to right: Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan

Photobucket Photobucket
Left to right: Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham

Tights are not pants, not skirts, and even not hot pants or mini skirt. Yes. In addition to the miniskirt, Mary Quant and Cristobal Balenciaga invented the colored and patterned tights that tended to ACCOMPANY the garment. It is not something you just can wear without any garment on. If your legs were able to talk, I’m sure, they would scream “S.O.S”.

Ladies, your legs are your holy temple. Respect their needs to be sexy, not tacky.

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