My foolishness

Will I fall if I fall in love with you?
The one from my past and my present
for the future has not yet been revealed
Should I cry
or should I cherish myself
because I feel the deepest
the most beautiful
and the most passionate
emotion as a being

Will you bring back hope to my dark life?
My soul that is bonded with black roses
The heart that is scarred by rusty nails
My eyes that is blinded by the hands of black shadows
My widowed dreams of the future as I wish to escape
for avoidance let me blurred by lies of ideas

[*]Am I dreaming?
Have I slept yet?

My angel once said to me
that he would guide me all the way
in my life
I wonder where he is
Had he run away?
as he broke his vow
Leaving me behind
when I need him most
I miss you, my dark eye angel

Will I vanish if I don’t see him again?
Will my sorrow make my eyes closed to the world
and shut down my feeling, my emotion as a being?
Will The Lord hear my prayer and bring him back to me?
Giving us a second chance?
No, I need no second chance
I need a new destiny
with no humanity border poison our love story

Am I dreaming?
Have I slept yet?

[*] lines by Edward Norton in “Fight Club”

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