a BReaK fRoM ThE WaNDeRiNg-ARoUNd Me

Spending the whole days at home since yesterday stun me. There is no penintention. I just enjoy reading the books, eating some snack, switching channels on TV, and sleeping, things I hardly do. When I have to be at home, my cell phone usually keeps me busy, mostly typing messages. However on this holiday, I just don’t. It’s not that I am not eager to but I haven’t recharged my Simpati.

I wonder what have kept my flying-around soul. Is it the book I bought two days ago ? Or I am just tired and I want to get some rest, just like a low-batt that need to be recharged. I guess both of them have done a temporary change in me. For your information, I have finished more or less 300 pages out of 500 and something. A marvelous progress of me, isn’t it? Ow, it’s a nonfiction book written by P.K. Ojong, entitled Perang Eropa.

Today is the second day and I start getting my wandering-around self again. If I could drive a car, I would make myself comfortable in a cafe or do some shopping, every girl’s nature of life. I can’t stand cute and beautiful stuff abandoned in a store for a very long time. Those stuff are made for girls and therefore they should be ours so I make promise to myself that tomorrow I will accomplish my mission, no matter what.

By the way, a break made me realise that I must do my bedroom. Books and papers are everywhere. My moisturiser, loose powder, and lip balm are put on my desk in an extremely unproper way. Despite of it, I still let the mess decorate my dear room. Well that’s me, a harsh and careless nineteen year old lady. In this case, I totally agree that a bedroom projects one’s personality.

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